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No Audio From Within Max

Feb 21 2013 | 4:53 am

I am using M4L and I have run into a very annoying problem. I cannot generate any sound within Max. This means that the Test Tones and any test audio is not generated by Max. I have followed the "Test Tone" tutorial very closely, and di all of the steps, but still no audio.
Importantly it says, make driver "Core Audio" but I can only select mine as "Live" I posted photos below.
The first is from the tutorial. I am not allowed to even select Audio Driver Setup that you see in the second.

I am using M4L with Max 6.1 on a Mac. Thank you so much.

[attachment=215422,5052] [attachment=215422,5053]

  1. ScreenShot20130220at8.18.02PM.png


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