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No Output Device in DSP window (ad_mme error)

Feb 07 2010 | 9:49 pm

Since a few years, my students use different ear training programs I’ve made with Max/Msp. Last year I "updated" all those programs with Max5 to solve some compatibility problems with OSX Leopard/Snow Leopard and Vista/Windows 7. My students work with those updated versions till last September without any particular issue. But since a few weeks, some of those who are using the PC version under Windows 7 are complaining that there is no sound anymore. So I checked what was going on and discover something a bit strange.
First of all, the Max window was displaying the following message:
"ad_mme: stopping due to error".
I opened the DSP Status window and saw that there was no output device selected; but Audio was "On" and the Driver was set to "ad_mme". So I set the Output device back to "Speakers" and all was working well again. I closed the program and reopened it but there was no sound again. Same issue….
I trashed the Max5 preferences files and opened the same program once again and… the sound was OK! I closed it and checked if all was correctly configured or saved in the Max5 "admme@.txt" preferences file and it was. Finally I reopened the program and there was no sound once again.
I don’t understand what is going on. Any help would be very appreciated!

Many thanks in advance.

Dec 08 2010 | 9:29 am

Same problem here =)

Feb 03 2017 | 2:57 pm

Hello again,
Recently, one of our students has complained again about this "no sound" problem with our standalones on a laptop computer running Windows 7 (French Language).
Here are the results of my checklist:
• Max window: "ad_mme: stopping due to error" message displayed;
• DSP Status window menus: no input or output devices displayed and Audio setting to OFF;
• DSP Status window menus: input and output devices selected again and Audio set to ON: sound is back again;
• Standalone closed and admme@.txt preferences file checked: ad_mme configuration saved with good input and output devices names;
• Standalone reopened: no sound again;
• After trashing the admme preferences file and reopening the standalone, sound is OK again.
So it seems that some of the ad_mme preferences become unreadable by the DSP when those preferences are already saved and the standalone is reopened.
Taking a closer look at the DSP Status window and the content of the admme preferences file, I realized that there was a difference in the way both are displaying the input and output devices names: as you can see in the attached files, accented letters are not displayed in the DSP Status window, even though they are correctly saved in the preferences file.
So could it be possible that the DSP is unable to read accented letters in the preferences file and that input and out devices names are not recognized anymore?
Thanks for your help.

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  2. DSP-Status


Feb 03 2017 | 3:47 pm

Please send this to support if you haven’t already

Sorry for the inconvenience



Feb 04 2017 | 5:57 am

Thank you for the quick reply.
As suggested, I have sent the information to the Cycling ’74 technical support.

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