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No send~ objects in M4L???

Dec 31 2011 | 2:29 am

Does anyone find it *extremely* unfortunate that send objects arent supported in M4L? One of the main reasons I got max for live was so I could do things like modulate a pad’s volume from a drum track or modulate filter cutoff from the volume of some other track. Is there anyway around this? From what I can see there’s no possibility of track to track communication aside from the live.object, but the API is not that extensive…. as I got into M4L over the last couple weeks I’m kinda finding it to be a let down I thought there’d be a lot more options

Dec 31 2011 | 2:39 am

and yes i realize i can use the live.remote object to do some of this stuff, navigating using the path api is a hassle … sorry for my complaints i just hope send~ objects can maybe be added in a newer patch which would be awesome

Jan 02 2012 | 12:14 pm

There’s already been a fair discussion of this issue on this forum (just search for Live + send~ for example. With that said it is disappointing, but based on your apparent needs (envelope following) most of what you need is already availbel in the M4L library. Perhaps using something like the Max API CtrlEnvFol (MaxAudioEffect/Tools/API) example or as a starting point to implement what you want to do more precisely as this will enable an audio signal level to effect a control on a remote audio or midi track/device…

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