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[Noob] – Using Rewire midi channels…only 1 channel per port??!

Jul 25 2008 | 6:54 pm

Hi Guys,

I’m wanting to make a VSTi rack in MaxMSP using Rewire to pipe audio back into Nuendo (on the PC).
My first port of call is to sort out the midi side of things, so as a try out I opened up the midi tutorial (01iMidiBasics) with the basic midi in/out diagram.
Here i can select which port to use (either from my midi interface or rewire).
Though I can see in the Notein diagram that I’m getting note messages etc., the midi channel stays at 1, regardless of the midi channel I’m on in Nuendo.

So, if I pick Max Rewire port 1, channel 2, Notein is still showing channel 1.
The same thing happens on the midi tester.

Is this a limitation of rewire? That would really suck if it was…



Jul 26 2008 | 9:29 pm

bump..I’ve called a friend, still got my 50/50, now I’m asking the audience…


Jul 27 2008 | 2:19 pm

Joris de Man schrieb:
> Is this a limitation of rewire? That would really suck if it was…

You can use some other ways of routing Midi: On the Mac its the IAC bus,
on Windows you could use MidiYoke (it think its called that…)
As far as I know, the aim of rewire is to pass audio signals, and
setting up rewire seems to be a pain anyway (depends on the order of
opening the applications, which really sucks. (I bet if the programmers
of a tool would be forced to use it themselves, the world would be much
less complicated…))


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