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Noods to matrix converter

May 29 2012 | 8:48 pm

Hey guys,

I got some issues with my first patch. I try to manipulate a matrix via noods. What I wanted to reach is that the nood size manipulates the amount of dots on the x axis of the matrix. But I still got some issues that I hardly can’t solve in my own: On the one hand I’ve got a flickering dot, a dot alway on the 0y position and some issues with row Nr.4. Hard to explain but maybe someone out there has the time and the patience to help a beginner.

Best Wishes

May 30 2012 | 4:05 pm

issues with the patch:

no patcher saw_plus
no patcher plus_minus
no patcher reminderalgo

You can’t fully run the patch without these abstractions/externals, so we can’t really help much until they’re provided. Also there are so many cords going to these that it will be difficult to determine what’s happening. It’s rare that you need so many cords, there is almost certainly an easier way to do what you’re looking for. Maybe a bit more explanation of what you’re trying to accomplish will help.

also watch the Max window, I get this error when moving the node:

matrixctrl: lists must be of the form

check the matrixctrl help file for proper formatting to set cells.

If you want the X axis cells to react to the size, you need to determine the size first, then decide how many cells will react to a given size. You could then set the cells directly, using an appropriate starting point from left to right (I assume you want the position of the node to determine this). So half the size goes to the left of center, half goes to the right, with rounding as needed.

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