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np_thirdspacevest External for the TN Games 3rd Space Vest

Dec 29 2010 | 4:32 am

NP Labs: Bringing you externals for hardware you’ve never heard of since 2005

This time around, it’s np_thirdspacevest, for control of the 3rd Space Vest from TN Games

If ever you wanted to experience the feeling of being shot via Max/MSP, now your fantasies can become reality! This super simple external allows you to open the device and send commands to activate the pneumatic cells in the vest.

The external code and binary are available at

If you’re interested, they’ve currently got the vest on sale for $99 ($110-120ish after shipping). The one thing to watch out for is that the air pump that comes with it is EXTREMELY LOUD. Like, almost unusably so in any sort of situation where you might want audio. But, it’s kinda fun nonetheless.

If you’re feeling nerdy and want to read about the reverse engineering process, check out

As, oddly enough, it actually required crypto reversing to bring this external to you.

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