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[NYC] First ReSiDeNt Show Tomorrow + More LEMUR News

Jan 24 2008 | 5:51 pm

* First ReSiDeNt Show Tomorrow *
* February ReSiDeNts Announced *
* March ReSiDeNts Submissions Now Open *
* LEMUR’s Winter Classes *

First ReSiDeNt Show Tomorrow

LEMUR’s first ReSiDeNt show is tomorrow, Friday, January 25th,
featuring Joshua Goldberg, Drew Krause and Taylor Kuffner.

ReSiDeNt @ LEMUR: New Works, New Instruments, New Artists
Friday January 25th
8 pm – 10 pm
$5 at the door

Joshua Goldberg is an artist specializing in live video, a performer,
a programmer and an educator. During his residency, he has been
working on video tracking and projected video interfaces to control
robotic sound.

A composition graduate of Juilliard (MM) and the University of
Illinois (DMA),Drew Krause has written over 80 works for instrumental
and electronic media. He has been composing a full-length musical
work for LEMUR’s instruments.

Taylor Kuffner is a composer, musician and multi-media artist who has
worked with live and electronic instruments, composed for dance,
theater and media productions and extensively studied Indonesian
gamelan music. He has been applying his compositional experience with
the gamelan to composing for LEMUR’s robots.

February ReSiDeNts Announced
March Submissions Now Open

We are happy to announce our second group of ReSiDeNts, who will be
creating new works at LEMUR in February:

Holland Hopson is a composer, improviser, and electronic artist.
Holland will bring Old-Time Appalachia to the League of Electronic
Musical Urban Robots by creating new pieces for the LEMURbots and Tru
One, his clawhammer banjo/sensor interface.

Zach Layton is a composer, improviser, curator and new media artist
based in new york with an interest in biofeedback, generative
algorithms, experimental music, biomimicry and contemporary
architectural practice. His work investigates complex relationships
and topologies created through the interaction of simple core
elements like sine waves, minimal surfaces and kinetic visual
patterns. He is planning to create a new work for guitar, sax, drums
plus robots. The piece will be composed using an open score format
encouraging improvisation among the human players and neural network
software to encourage improvisation among the robots.

Max Lord is a percussionist who will be writing a new piece for the
LEMUR robots in collaboration with NYC-based choreographer Ellen
Godena. The score will integrate a live performance on the Marimba
Lumina with robot percussion and spontaneous robot-inspired movement.

Artists from all performing and installation disciplines are
encouraged to apply to ReSiDeNt, including musicians, composers,
dancers, choreographers, video artists, interactive installation
artists, performance artists, multimedia artists and others. To learn
about applying to ReSiDeNt, visit
Deadlines are rolling, with March submissions accepted until February


Winter Classes

LEMUR is offering its largest selection of classes ever this winter,
beginning this coming weekend. For more information and to register,
visit For related classes in
software and fabrication, please visit our Art/Tech Educational
Alliance partners Harvestworks ( and 3rd Ward

– Building MIDI Music & Video Controllers: Creating a Sensor
Instrument with MidiTron, Level 1 & 2
– Microcontroller Progamming for Artists: Introduction to the Arduino
System, Level 1 & 2
– Video Tracking in Jitter: Expert Video Tracking for Sound and Video Control
– Fun With Fiberglass: Basic Composite Fabrication
– Ableton Live for Performers: Integrating Live Computer Electronics
Into Contemporary Performance
– Pyrotronics: Pyrotechnics & Control for Artists
– Art of Light: Controlling LEDs, EL Wire and Other Lighting Elements
with Microprocessors
– Sensors for Dancers: Wireless Sound and Video Control Through Movement
– Electromechanical Systems and Robotics for Artists

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