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Objects in MAX4 that make MAX5 crash when converting patches

Aug 06 2008 | 1:22 pm

Hi people!!

First, my compliments to all!

I discover recently when importing a patch from MAX4 to MAX5
that the "matrix controler" made my MAX5.0.4 crash.

What happen is that when I try to open a imported patch saved as version5 the "matrix ctrl" made MAX5.0.4 crash.

Well I had to import all again, and make all the adjustments from the beginnig several times, and it was then that I discover that I have to subtitute the "matrix ctrl" because MAX5 didn’t made the conversion right from the old matrix to the new one.
This problem or bug is very boring because I had to start all over again and made me loose time.
If you experience similar problems with other objects you can post them here to advertise the users.

Best Regards to all,

Aug 06 2008 | 5:09 pm

yes, you can post here, but if you actually care about getting these things fixed, you should also email your findings to

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