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On line video editing

Dec 03 2009 | 2:04 pm

I’m doing a college project where I’m trying to build a on line editing system using mobile phones for input. So far I’ve got the system working with one phone using a software called Movino( This involves installing software on both the phone and your computer in order for Max to find it. The transfer of information is sent from the phone via either bluetooth or Wifi. At the moment I’ve only used bluetooth.

One of the options open to me is to use a live video sharing website like Qik ( to upload content then stream it into max. The developers of the Qik have given me permission to use their API if it helps me in my project.

I am wondering does anyone know how I would go about using this system into Max?

Dec 03 2009 | 3:58 pm

if the api give you an idea of how to get the url to the actual movie file, you can simply read that into and it should play back with no problem.

searching the forum for a youtube mixer by nesa, might give you some ideas. be warned that patch is quite complex.

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