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Online collaboration sessions for Max/MSP/Jitter

Jan 06 2010 | 2:12 am

Just out of curiosity: Anyone here interested in participating in some online Max sessions? I think it would be really helpful and fun to share ideas, tips and tricks, and work out any problems that people are having with their patches or projects. There could be a wide range of skill levels and interests, and hopefully everyone would get something out of the sessions, even if that’s only to meet each other better.

I’ve been using GoToMeeting for one of my projects and it’s been incredibly helpful. There’s also Mikogo, which has a free version and supports most of the features we’d need: desktop viewing, switch presenters, remote mouse/keyboard control, etc. The audio can be done via a conference call or Skype, and chat through IM if needed. GoToMeeting supports these as well and is free for 30 days, but then costs $50 a month for unlimited meetings. (Note that the cost is only for the presenter, you can always join a meeting for free, so a group could certainly chip in if they want to continue using it.)

This kind of software is great and has made a ton of little patching issues simple to clear up… for experimenting and showing tips or tricks it would be perfect, not to mention sharing links about hardware or whatever comes up. The video is a little clunky over the web, but you can generally follow along just fine. Both of these programs also support recording of the session (from a PC), so if they’re really good, they could be posted online for other Maxers to watch.

Of course, using a Max patch with jit.desktop,, a textarea, and audio-through-matrix would be far cooler… :)

Wondering if anyone’s interested, so if you are, send me an email and I can organize a group. If we get a time or two that works for everyone (realizing that people live all over the place) we could post them here. I for one would really look forward to a weekly Max session with anyone that wants in!

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