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[opendialog] woes!

September 15, 2013 | 11:57 pm

I noticed that [opendialog] ignores my file-types filtering and will display and pass on the filepath of any file – with any extension – that I select. I think this might be a Windows-only problem but I found a thread from 2008 where a Windows user (a post half way through the topic) complains about this:

The problem seems to be the dialog box opened by windows is set to "show all file types (*.*)" in the pop-up menu to the right of where you enter the filename. You can hit the popup and below is the option to do the filtering for the file-type you specified, but no user will ever do this! So this crucial ability to filter file-types does not really work! Loading umenus with file filters does work, so if you really need to "authenticate" a file type before processing it elsewhere in your patch, you can run it through one of those.
The other thing that I would love to see done for [opendialog] and [savedialog] is a request that I and others have made to let you set the default location of where the dialog opens. This post:

discusses a java solution but this would be incredibly helpful in the standard object, it is an irritating waste of time to hunt all over one’s computer to get to your specifically-located folder of presets or media files.
What say ye, Cycling ’74?

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