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[OT?] 3D Precise position/orientation tracking indoors for body-worn camera

Apr 04 2011 | 11:06 pm

Hi all,
It’s not a new question but the available technology keeps changing so I’ll ask this again, having not found any current answers online that are useable at a diy, non electrical engineering level…

I’m working on a project in which a body worn camera is tracked in space, then recreated as a virtual camera in the corresponding virtual 3d space (kind of like a lo-fi version of the cameras used on the "Avatar" set). This is to be done over 15-60 minute durations in an indoors area of about 30X30 feet.

What I need for this is precise tracking of the camera’s position and orientation in space, to be either logged on the tracking device and/or transmitted to a computer on set.
Since it is body worn, it needs to be light and wireless.
Since it’s on a moving body in a space with some objects in it, optical tracking isn’t really a good option.

I looked at a wide range of solutions, from "flock of birds" and the inertiaCube on the crazy-expensive side to sparkfun’s IMU sensors, but frankly am hard pressed to figure out which is the best to try first, given my needs.

Software-wise I want to be able to get 3D XYZ position and rotation values from it that I’ll be able to use in Max.

Any ideas, stories of previous experience with such setups, links, etc would be extremely welcome.

Many thanks!

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