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[OT] building a ghetto, SFF Budget X 4 video outputs pc

Mar 06 2009 | 12:50 am

Hi all
I’m attempting to build, on a very tight budget, a portable, small form factor pc that would enable me to hook into four projectors. Within my limitations, as detailed here, I’m looking for the best solution. This machine will be used in live setups where my macbook pro will be the main jitter platform, and this pc will serve as:
– a routing center to the different projectors, video will be streamed via to it from the macbook
– a playback platform for 4 additional 640 by 480 clips, keystoned in jitter and output to the four projectors.
– a capture device for inputting and mixing several cameras via 2 grabbers (1 unibrain and 1 analog captured through a usb digitizer yes I know it’s ghetto but can’t afford the dfg right now)
– what I DO NOT need from it is super fancy shader action- I will use it’s gpu mainly for positioning, keystoning, basic blending and output.
As I said, I’m very pressed for budget so ideally I would like to use some or all of the components I salvaged from a previous pc: a dual AMD 4200 cpu, two ddr2 1gb memory sticks, and an nvidia 7600 gs graphics card (I’ll buy a second similar card- either 7600 or the cheaper 7300 to reach four outputs). I could find barebones shuttle cases that seem to do the trick but they only have 1 pci express slot.
If all else fails I may get 2 dualhead2go units and connect each to one ouput from my geforce 7600- but considering the 25$ a new 7300 now costs it still seems way more expensive.

Any advice on what would be the best route to take? I’m looking for the most efficient solution – Ultimately if it’ll be cheaper and more effective, I’ll buy a new system instead of re-using these parts.
All help will be greatly appreciated.
p.s yair that also means you… Smile


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