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[OT] new computer (mac) recommendations

May 19 2007 | 4:17 pm

hello folks.

i tried searching for this information in the archives, but couldn’t
seem to find the correct wording to result in a fruitful search.

i have a g4 ibook 1ghz with OS10.4.8 at the moment that is acting up
(and has acted up previously) with disk problems as well as something
screwy with the fan and getting hot.

i am looking to upgrade to a fairly newer model, but don’t have a lot
of cash to go all out. could someone recommend some particular setups
they are using that work well for max/msp/jitter work. I use the
computer mostly for recording and editing, as well as for performance.
i have also been using soundflower to connect ableton live with
max/msp patches.

thank you for any and all suggestions.

best future,

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