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OT syncronizing audio between apps on windows using jackctrl

May 21 2007 | 2:44 pm

I’ve recently started using maxmsp and jitter both in pc and mac.. In
mac, when I want to syncronize audio between applications I obviously
use sound flower.. But there is not currently any version of this
software running on windows.. that means that I had to search and then
I found an opensource app called jackctrl [or something like that,
whathever].. I’ve found it on the internet and downloaded it, and I
falled all the configuration steps.. But unfortunately when it came
out to configure the ASIO of my Edirol UA-101, I didn’t configured it
properly, cos I didn’t find the right MS-DOS command line to do it.. I
would thank all of you guys If there was any maxmsp and jitter windows
user who can help me solving that issue.. Greets from portugal

tiago morgado

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