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[ot] wifi in Krakow?

Jul 04 2006 | 10:43 am

Hello dear readers,

On a long shot, can anyone on this list suggest a good internet cafe or
wifi/wlan access point in Krakow, where one could get one’s own laptop
online? I’m going to try the Rynek Glowny this afternoon, since I’ve heard
a rumor that it’s all wired up, but any additional info would be very


Jul 04 2006 | 2:08 pm

For future reference: U Louisa, Rynek Glowny 13, downstairs, is the
place. Dim underground vault where there’s an open network, as long
as you keep drinking.

Na zdrowie

Jul 04 2006 | 3:42 pm

No obvious signs of slurred typing yet…

nick rothwell — composition, systems, performance — http://

Jul 05 2006 | 11:57 pm

If that doesn’t work, I’ve spent a lot of hours at Cafe Looz, at ul. Mikolajska 11. (Just off the Rynek, to the north east).



Jul 07 2006 | 1:45 pm

Looks like they’re now called paparrazi, and not open during the day.
Bummer. Back to beers at U Louisa for now.


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