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Jun 13 2009 | 1:38 pm

Hi everybody,

i’m looking for a way to route the output image from a program like photoshop or something of the sort into max to then be able to route the output image into an area of a projection that i’ll define, does anybody know of a virtual webcam software? or something that would work like one, being that the image would be of a program and not external?

i hope my question was clear,

Thanks in advance for your time

Jun 13 2009 | 2:35 pm

sounds like a job for jit.desktop


Jun 13 2009 | 4:22 pm

sorry i forgot to say i’d tried it, but i get a low frame rate making it hard to use, and since i still have to map the projection to the apropriate place it really isn’t working, in an ideal world there would be a soundflower like thing but for video…

btw a newb question, is there a patch or an object that allows me to make simplish drawings in max?just choosing the thickness of the line and colour?

thanks anyway for your help

Jun 13 2009 | 6:09 pm

lcd would be the simplest. then of course there is jitter with jit.lcd, and many more. If you just want a simple line start with lcd.

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