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Overlay one videoplane on another

Mar 29 2011 | 3:35 pm

Hi there I apologize for this noob question. I need to overlay one videoplane of an image (the foreground) (or looping video if thats easier) on top of another videoplane that is using a jit.noise matrix (background). My question is how do i go about doing this because when i look at what inputs its for messages only and not matrices.

Mar 29 2011 | 4:43 pm

The order of operations matters. Try turning each videoplane to automatic 0, and send the one you want in the background a bang first, followed by a bang to the one in the foreground.

Please post a patch using "Select All" and "Copy Compressed" if you require more help, makes it easier for people to see what you are trying to accomplish.

Mar 29 2011 | 5:09 pm

Hi ,
its (what i hope) is a simple patch in the very beginning stages so far. What i need to know is how to add something to the video planes (a video file from the hard drive and noise matrix specifically.)

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

Mar 30 2011 | 1:03 am

"look at what inputs its for messages only and not matrices."

Not so, if you connect the jit.noise directly to the jit.videoplane it will send a matrix to the video plane. If you connect a to the videoplane you can play a video.

You do have to send a bang to the jit.noise or movie objects after the erase and before the final bang to the renderer.

Add the layer attribute to to dictate which order you want the videoplanes to show up, higher number is closer to the screen.

Mar 30 2011 | 1:04 am

You can ignore my original comment about the @automatic attribute if you use @layer instead.

Mar 30 2011 | 3:56 pm

Is it possible to have the output of a object, and a separate output of contained within one window?
i.e. I have a visualisation from mesh, and a visualisation from isosurf, and wish to somehow layer them together, but without one affecting the other.
Hope you can help. Thanks.

Mar 30 2011 | 7:00 pm

interested too.

Mar 30 2011 | 7:33 pm

Patch? @layer doesn’t work for you?

(BTW, technically you guys should start a new thread on this…)

Mar 30 2011 | 7:39 pm

@layer just works… fine :) (I hijacked the thread or not?!)

Mar 30 2011 | 9:58 pm

Ok, going to start a new thread! :)

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