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Patch Consistently Crashes

Jun 02 2008 | 5:47 pm

I’ve a built a patch which is a pulse sequencer for midi information (to eventually be used rewired to an ableton drum rack), but every single time i try to run it, maxMSP "quits unexpectedly". is this just because my patch is too large? (it has 16 different midi channels, 32 steps, random gates for each channel, a pitch shift sequencer, multisliders for each channels velocity at each of the 32 steps and multisliders for each channels duration at each of the 32 steps. I understand that this is quite a bit, but it’s all Max information, which couldn’t nearly tax the CPU as much as some MSP patches I have built). Could there be something inherently in the patch that causes it to crash?

Could someone run the patch on their computer and let me know if it is working properly on theirs? Just click the toggle at the top and set a value in the max # of steps on the left.

Jun 02 2008 | 6:01 pm

OK, so I tried running the patch w/o the pitch shift sequencer (that patch is found in the patcher midiBoxHeaven) and it ran. This is surprising, because I am sure the number of calculations MSP has to do per second exceeds how many calculations the pitch shifter has to do in a minute, or even more. What could be causing my pitch shifter to tax my CPU so hard?

I also realized there’s a few things I forgot to patch together in the last patch I posted, so if anyone wants a working version, here it is.

Jun 02 2008 | 8:47 pm

found out the problem. my pitch sequencer had a loop hidden in it. apologies for wasting anyone’s time.

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