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pattr matters

Jul 04 2010 | 8:45 pm

i’m having problems custom naming pattr objects

i can change the scripting name using a ‘sendbox varname NewName’ message in
and this does indeed change the scripting name
{ the scripting name normally matches the pattr name ie for [pattr fred] the scripting name is fred }
however, this method deletes the entry from the list (viewable by double clicking pattrstorage object)

similarly there are issues if embedding the pattr object within an abstraction
e.g. [pattr #1] can be correctly assigned a user-defined name so that the abstraction shows
[pattr myname] when opened, however, the variable name actually assigned within the pattrstorage is one of the randomly assigned ones , like u123123123 !

Ultimately I wish to custom name my pattr objects within an abstraction

Has anyone got any tips on custom naming pattr objects robustly ?

ps I don’t want to go down an autopattr route even though i can reliably name objects (except pattr) using the ‘sendbox varname #1’ message within an abstraction


Jul 08 2010 | 10:27 am

got to the bottom of this with the folks at c74

it’s not obviously documented (to me :) but a simple message box in with ‘name NEWNAME’ (no-quotes) does the trick

if you wan’t an alternative, message a ‘script send OLDNAME name NEWNAME’ into a thispatcher, this does the same

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