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peakamp~ crash

Mar 16 2010 | 6:29 pm


I’m making a sound patch for a theater play. One of my techniques for triggering sounds is using the amplitude of one sample (In my case the sound of a vinyl record) to manipulate the amp of other samples ore tones.
I’m using meter~ ore peakamp~ to convert the signal into floats.
However when I leave it to run for a minute ore so the amplitude stops giving signals ( still hear sound tough) but no changing floats are coming from the meter~ ore peak amp ~ object.

I thought for a wile it was freeverb~ object somehow making my patch to slow but even if I don’t use it the same thing happens..

Does anyone had a similar problem in the past ore know what could be the problem? It would really help me out : )

Thanks , Jeroen

Mar 17 2010 | 10:24 am

I can’t reproduce this. Please try to provide more detailed information (Max version, os version, overdrive, vector size…).

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