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"Performance options" question

Oct 31 2008 | 7:45 am

Hi there!

I’ve made a patch for an interactive installation that will be presented next week. It grabs video from a fire-i camera and from its blobs alters a fractal realtime synthesis and audio noise processing.

The question is this: how can I improve the patch performance? the image will be projected and I really don’t care about the computer monitor neither the patch interface. It is meant to be independent, just turn it on and thats all. So, I need to know the best "performance options" configuration to suck the most of the computer resources.

It is a iMac core duo 2.66 Mhz, 320 HD, radeon 256 MB, 2 gb RAM.

Is there also any tip to make the OS more efficient?

Thanks in advance!

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