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Sep 29 2008 | 3:03 pm

Can somebody give me some performance tips for Jitter?

I have a rather large patch that takes three firewire camera inputs through three jit.dx.grab, but switches between them as I’m only displaying one at a time (I only bang the dx.grab that I am diplaying).

I take that video and run it through an xfade object so I can dissolve between the live stream and another object playing an avi file.

This composition then goes into the background of a jit.chromakey object that overlays a video that covers the lower third. It also overlays text using the jit.lcd object.

I’m only using one qmetro object to bang all necessary objects. It runs at 33 and sends its bangs through send objects which I recieve on different subpatches, etc. Right now I’m getting 15fps, but I’d like to get 30.

Is there a way to optimize my patch to get the extra 15 fps, or is there a hardware solution? I want to look into all options.

Oct 06 2008 | 5:03 am

I’m no expert at this, but you might want to look into to push the movie into the GPU rather than CPU realm. Have a look at Vade’s movie optimization patches:

hope this helps/gets you started.

Viel Glueck

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