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Physical modelling

Mar 17 2010 | 5:44 pm

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to do some Physical modelling synthesis of a metal plate being hit. I did a lot of research but pretty much everything I found was about the Karplus-Strong.

Thanks for any pointers

Mar 17 2010 | 7:54 pm

Not sure it works under Max 5, but the Mlys + modalys~ combination from Ircam (neither free nor available for Windows) can produce this kind of sounds pretty easily (the physical modelling technique used is named modal synthesis). And these sounds are quite convincing.

Mar 17 2010 | 8:37 pm

You may want to look into Percolate…

It has a bunch of physical models. Not sure if it has a
metal plate.

Mar 18 2010 | 12:30 am
Mar 18 2010 | 10:41 am

EXCELENT !!! thanks 1000

Mar 18 2010 | 1:40 pm

Also, check out the physical model stuff available in language-objects like csound~ and rtcmix~. I think (I know in the case of rtcmix~) that these are based on the waveguide filter models in the Synthesis Tookit

If you’re interested in the theoretical underpinnings, definitely scan Julius Smith’s page:

and Perry Cook’s book is also a terrific resource:


Mar 18 2010 | 6:37 pm

Damn, thanks to everyone, I’ll look into it right now!

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