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Picture [jpeg, png etc] WiFi Transmission

Jul 27 2008 | 11:12 am

Hi all,

I need to send some image stuff over the network to a cluster of computers. I can easily send video but I cannot avoid the stretching and low quality of images when I open them in

Is there any other way to convert image/picture files into matrices and send them remotely?


Jul 27 2008 | 12:22 pm

Are you using OpenSoundControl to send over the network? Have a look
for OpenSoundControl and OSC-route here:

I don’t know why it is stretching. Maybe use @adapt 1

Jul 27 2008 | 2:13 pm

Thank you for replying.

No I use

All I wand is to send some jpeg files to other computers.

I use Airport Extreme to create a closed network.

The quality of the image is very bad when I load a jpeg file in When I open the same file by "preview" the quality is perfect.

I want to avoid loading all the jpeg on the client computers and use the fpic object because this is not flexible and I might need to make some last minute alterations…

Any Ideas?

Jul 27 2008 | 3:11 pm

did you try searching the jitter forum for "quality" or something similar? perhaps @adapt 1 and @highquality 1 can be of use…

Jul 27 2008 | 5:39 pm

highquality and adpt do not work.

If I could resize the display window? but how can I get the files native dimensions?

Jul 27 2008 | 6:12 pm

Without a patch, no one knows. Send a patch, and someone can tell you what the issue is.

Ive used ‘high res’ images in Jitter before, it works fine.

Jul 27 2008 | 10:20 pm

So, When I try to load two different images I get very bad picture quality eventhough I resize the window.

If you try to open the files in "Preview OSX" they appear to be perfect.

Jul 28 2008 | 4:15 pm

— Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. —
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