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pix_share_read/write-like object for Max?

Aug 25 2009 | 4:15 pm

I’m wondering if anyone else is interested in/found an object for shared memory applications in Max/MSP that is similar to the pix_share_read & pix_share_write objects from PD/Gem.

I’m currently frustrated by the slow speed that I’m running into when running 1920×1080 live capture and playback…. I’d like to have the ability to share my camera input with a buffer located in my playback patch that’d be running a different version of max (like max runtime for example).

This way I could be recording files to hard drive and playing back files from hard drive and still mixing in a layer that’d be read from a slightly delayed live buffer.

When I try to do all of this within one patch I find my fps drops to a rather unacceptable 8 to 10 fps… If running just playback with 3 layers of 1920×1080 video I’m fine… but adding in the crunch from both the record and buffer playback I find an immediate drop in the fps.

Ideas? I’d love to find a shared memory solution like those found in PD… but haven’t had any luck.


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