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planting cords is the ground or slinging them into the sky

Oct 31 2007 | 9:50 pm

hey can someone think of any reason why we cant sling patch cords from
inputs to outputs

I dont think it would shock newbies, and It might even help some.
Im not asking for something crazy that would change max like patch cords
that transmit both back and forth (although jasch’s interpol does somehow
corrupt coll files placed directly above it) or patch cords that are objects
themselves connected between all inputs so that you can just latch an output
cord to the actual patch cords instead of to objects similar to how cooper
wire hooks up. It seems to be an aesthetic thing which might have ergonomic
advantages, Im left handed and might patch like a salmon swims….against
the water data flow, I mean we all sometime patch from bottom to top knowing
the end of a patch before the beginning so why must my lazy hand always sew
from the top down. Isn’t it only an arbitrary direction….only a few
minutes coding for cursor recognition? If cords starts out then can only
rest in and starts in only rests out.

Nov 01 2007 | 1:31 am

Interesting question… one would think that would be doable. I also am intrigued by the patch-cord-as-object idea, though aligning the cords almost achieves this already.

If you don’t have the Max Toolbox, you should check it out. Makes a lot of the everyday mousing stuff way easier, with distribute objects, automatic connections, and sending messages / changing states of multiple objects at once. Very recommended!


Nov 01 2007 | 5:37 am

Quote: Derek Franz wrote on Wed, 31 October 2007 14:50
> hey can someone think of any reason why we cant sling patch cords from
> inputs to outputs

Well, if you go look at the latest article on Max 5, you will find that the quick reference menu is going to be accessed by clicking on the left inlet. Doh!

I was also hoping we could go from inlets to outlets one day. And shift-clicking to go from one inlet to multiple outlets would be so nice…


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