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playbar object problem

May 08 2006 | 10:19 am

I’m having a problem with the playbar object. It keeps disappearing or not drawing when the patcher window it’s in is reopened.
Does anyone know of a solution?
I’m using Max/MSP 4.2.1, OSX 10.4.6 with current QuickTime.

Cheers, Chris

Mar 28 2007 | 1:08 pm


I’m experiencing this problem too, did you solve it and if not then does anyone know why this happens?
In my case, I actually want the playbar object to stay hidden. You can hide it in the normal hide-on-lock way but whwn you connect it to a movie, it pops up again – although on subsequent re-opening of the patch window it fails to re-draw.

I tried simply burying it in a sub-patch or hiding it offscreen, but it seems that the playbar object mus have an ‘on-screen’ moment in order for it to function, otherwise the movie its connected to will not play. I’ve tried covering it up with panels, bpatchers, the movie viewer (imovie object) but it just pokes on through.

Any suggestions?

Mar 28 2007 | 1:44 pm

Damn… I spent all morning trying stuff to make sure I didn’t post unecessarily but half an hour later I find that I did:

You only have to connect the playbar object to the movie object once and then it remains connected when the patch is re-loaded so the problem of my hidden playbar re-appearing from is solved.

Still doesn’t solve the problem of why it dissappears of its own accord, though.

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