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Nov 03 2006 | 4:17 am

hi all. if this didn’t show up in the right catagory please move it for me
mr moderator :)

im have one heck of a time figuring this one out. feel free to call me
stupid if im missing somthing obvious.
when im using any kind of granular pluggo (Rasonation) it works fine when im
composing with it ( when i just play the edit)
but if i render the track the pluggo gets off by about 10ms. even if i
freeze the track! ( though i guess thats just rendering it in a temp)
please is there anything i can do? aside from running all my tracks through
plug send

thanks in advance

Nov 03 2006 | 4:32 am

OS, host,system specs and example patch please


Nov 03 2006 | 4:43 am

sorry. pc running xp home, 1.3 ghz, 512 ram, running Tracktion 1

On 11/2/06, Andrew Pask wrote:
> OS, host,system specs and example patch please
> -A

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