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poly~ question

Apr 30 2009 | 1:49 pm

hello. i am new to these boards, and also new to max msp.
i am currently doing a subtractive synth for a university assignment.
i have conquered and understood everything up to this moment.

my basic problem is the poly~. i tried sub patching, and it works, but i cant seem to edit the new poly object in the main patcher (ie, pitch control, fine tune, ADSR, cutoff).

i basically need some advice as to what i should do next to make the poly objects work with an adsr, and allow them to be edited and controlled in the main patcher.

thanks for your time and i hope you can help.


Apr 30 2009 | 10:58 pm

[in 1] [in 2], etc?
For adsr~ in a poly~, you could study Chris Muir’s stupid synth (download there : )
Otherwise, feel free to send your patch in its current form.

May 01 2009 | 12:28 am

i tried the ways of making a subpatch basic waveform, and importing in in 4 instances but there was a problem with notes seemingly clashing and creating composite frequencies.
and tried the way of using the poly~ object and making a sub patch with a thispoly~ patch.

i will check out that synth for reference, anyone got any subtractive synths i could look at for reference to help me out.
thanks for any help or advice.

May 01 2009 | 12:42 am

"a thispoly~ patch"
This doesn’t make sense. [thispoly~] is a Max object.
Is the poly~ tutorial (MSP tutorial 21) crystal clear?
I would suggest:
1. make a simple subtractive synthesizer
2. make a simple synth using your basic subtractive synth for your poly~ voices. for instance, imitating the simple_poly in MSP tutorial 21.
3. maybe improve it using mute message, like poly_using_mute in the same tutorial.
4. check out stupidsynth that I mentioned earlier (it’s a little hard to begin the study of poly~ with it, without studying the tutorials first).
5. you shouldn’t need target messages and such for such a project.
Good luck,

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