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Polyphonic synth design: Problems with poly~ and thispoly~

Apr 04 2013 | 4:30 am

Hey all,

I’m working on a building a polyphonic synth. Only issue is: I can’t seem to make it polyphonic. I’ve read tutorial 21 and skimmed 19 and 20 (although poly looks like it put too much weight on my computer for optimal functioning). I followed the Cycling 74 video tutorial on Youtube and managed to get their simple polyphonic synth working, but I want to implement it with the multi-oscillator synth that I’ve built. It’s working decently in mono but it is just not accepting the polyphonic – I followed exactly the same steps I took to create the simpler one but no dice. The patch and the poly~ abstraction are attached so that y’all can take a look. Hopefully you guys can help me out, although this seems to be a common and finicky problem…

  1. Oscillators.maxpat
Apr 04 2013 | 8:05 am

Your patches are missing almost half of what the video explains. I suggest watching it again, and even writing everything down as it takes a while to really get it.

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