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preset…. when did it go so messed up?

Nov 16 2009 | 2:33 am

So, I finally upgraded from to 5.0.8 (from 5.0.3)…. and I’ve been quite frustrated the past 5 hours since it seemed that my entire performance framework was crashing due to the update.

After much debugging, I narrowed it down to the ‘ol preset object. The update made it very erratic for both reading and writing from files…

In regards to reading from a saved preset file… if it has more than one preset saved in the file, it seems to be fine when you try to recall a preset. However, if you loaded from a file that only has one preset, it crashes when you recall the single preset. In fact, if I open a patch that loads a multiple preset file first, and then open a file that loads a preset file with only one… then it works… weird….

And in terms of writing presets, I’ll be able to write to stored preset files sometimes, but not other times… In fact, in one patch, I was able to write to a file when I opened up another view of the patcher, but if I tried to from the bpatcher, it crashed…

I saw that someone was having a problem writing presets a couple of months ago in the forums, and Gregory’s response was to use pattr… which i guess i’ll have to do… just rather annoying having to go through and create pattr files for all of my presets…

Anyway, does anyone know if they are working on a fix to this?


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