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Problem controlling openFrameworks (oF) graphics via Opensoundcontrol

Oct 22 2011 | 10:34 am

Hi all

I've been searching through the forum – but not sure if anyone else besides tep is working on similar issue.

I think I'm sending too much data over OSC – the app receiving the data (gfx app on iPad) keeps crashing. I've tried down-sampling the rate at which the messages are being sent, but I think I have about 120 different values (parameter_name float), all being sent at once.

Can anyone recommend a way to better manage and send this OSC control data?


I have a great interactive graphics system built in OpenFrameworks, consisting of 16 layers:

Each layer contains a shape, and this shape has 10 variables that can be controlled in realtime (alpha, hue, sat, diameter, blur etc.). I'm using it to re-create a biofeedback visualisation I first developed in Max 4.5 in 2006

Attached is a snapshot of the GUI I'm using now using to stay sane while I'm trying to compose with all these variables, and here's a recent screen-recording of the system in action. Coincidentally – since using this nested bpatcher approach (love the tab GUI!) – I have also been having issues with my GFX apps crashing (though I cant see how this in itself would contribute to the problem).

Once you add more than 4 of these layers – the amount of information that gets sent at once, starts to add up!


  1. Screenshot20111022at9.19.12PM.png


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