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Problem to compiling with OSX 10.6.1 and MaxSDK 5.0.8

Oct 18 2009 | 12:53 pm

Hello, when i open an example project (like plussz), the bottom "build" of Xcode is desactivate so i can’t compiling…
Someone have the same probleme ???

Oct 19 2009 | 4:58 pm

Is Build available from the Build menu? Or, Does Apple-B work?

I’ve seen some Xcode default settings that only have a Build&Go button, not a Build button; Build&Go will not work for a Max external, since by default there is no application to launch (a max external is just a dynamic library). Note that you *can* add what Xcode calls a ‘custom executable’, which would make Build&Go work – often people add the Max Runtime as the custom executable, since this can be used in the debugger (e.g. putting breakpoints in your external).


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