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problems Renaming table_object

Nov 23 2011 | 11:34 pm


I have trouble changing the "Table Name"-attribute of a simple table/itable-object and I jsut don´t get why. It has worked with many other attributes, especially if you simply drag the attribute into the patch to make sure to use the right message.

Little bit of playing showed that the inspector won´t even let me rename the object when I had given an argument as a name. Any suggestions or explanations?

Cheers, Paul

Nov 24 2011 | 12:40 am

Can you post an example patch?

Nov 24 2011 | 9:30 pm

Hey gwsounddsg, I attached the bits I´m struggling with. I didn´t compress it because it´s small anyway. Now the actual problem already shows up in the right part, which is not actually part the patch. It´s just that the "proper" messages to change attribute doesn´t work neither if the table already has a name, nor if it doesn´t. With other attributes though it seems to work. The patcher of the left side is actually part of the patch (pretty much copied from the Noise-fft-filter-example). What I need is to have a number of these patchers running parallel and each being assigned a different number to be able to modulate them independently and apply them to different samples. The se-messages for the buffer-connected objects seems all fine, the only problem are the itable/table-objects, which aren´t read properly. Alternatively, if I set names as arguments, everything runs fine but I can´t change values independently, obviously.

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