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Problems with my granular synthesis patch

Jul 25 2011 | 6:42 pm

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to convert a granular synthesis patch I made from Pd to Max, and I’m getting some strange behavior in Max. Mainly, the grains are glitchy.. they are seemingly not triggered smoothly in time, especially when the trigger time is very fast.

Jul 25 2011 | 6:43 pm

here is the file.

Jul 25 2011 | 9:08 pm


I’m running this now, with the [metro] at 36ms, and it sounds good, even when scrolling through the file – no wandering or glitches, very tight.

Would offsetting the phase of each [phasor~], and then driving each grain window from that [phasor~] make it any smoother? I’m just guessing, because from here it looks and sounds fine. Sorry!


Jul 25 2011 | 10:04 pm

….upon closer inspection, it appears there may have been some timing discrepancies, when resetting the phasor’s phase to zero, which were getting through your line envelope. See if you can get this one to click:

— Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. —


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