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problems with pfft~ in m4l. hearing "crackles" everywhere.

Nov 03 2011 | 5:50 pm

im just getting started with fft and the pfft~object. i wrote a little patch that sounds just nice to me -most of the time. sometimes, without changing something in the patch, just by maybe opening or closing the editor, it has a extremely annoying tremolo effect. a slow tremolo, just in the range of the framelength. i am using big frames e.g. 65536 samples. it sound as if the window-functions where out of sync and amplify each other. can this accidently happen in a pfft~?
but the much bigger problem is, when i use a small buffer like 256 samples in live, i hear crackles everywhere, when my m4l-effect is on. even when it’s track is turned off. the cpu-usage is at 5% without and at 7% with the effect on. so this shouldn’t be an issue, but it sounds exactly like that old problem.

thank for any advices

  1. fftinout.maxpat
Nov 05 2011 | 7:15 pm

so.. did you experience the same issues? or is this a problem, i have with the computer or so? this is getting pretty annoying, cause i am currently using live with 512 samples minimum. at 256 samples -even before i hit the playbutton, its enough to have my effect turned on- i couldn’t even use itunes, without clicks and crackles evrywhere. i think it sounds, as if they come periodicly. probably in cycles of the framesize.
please help me!

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