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Program Change Patch – Similar to Liine Kapture

May 24 2012 | 6:54 pm

Hi. I need someone to build me a patch with the following features:

• 8 buttons mapped to 8 buttons on a midi controller.
• These 8 buttons send program changes out of different midi channels/banks etc
• The user would set up 'scenes' of program changes which can be changed on the fly in-between songs by midi mapping the 'song' button.
• This would mean the hard mapped buttons can fire different program changes through different midi outputs, in-between songs allowing the performer to have 8 hard mapped buttons with a variety of different program changes.
• There would need to be at least 8 'songs'.

Take a look at the attached picture to hopefully explain a little further.

Let me know if anyone can help.



  1. songprogramchangermaxforlivepatch.png


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