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[public question] nintendo-a-go-go

Jun 19 2010 | 6:47 am

hello all,

one thing i had just thought of that i have not seen. nor do i know whether it can be done or not.
has anyone been able to link a nintendo ds to the computer or maybe to max?

it has wi-fi and all of those gubbins. i gather it maybe a a usb cable affair to get it working, but would it work wirelessly?
i am looking into it and trying some tests, but so far i am at the starter mark just now.

that was it really, cheers…

lewis edwards

Jun 19 2010 | 8:37 am

Hi Lewis,

A while ago i saw a video on youtube where Linux was ported to the DS and if i’m not misstaken use a PD-patch on the DS to move some sliders using the touchscreen. It used OSC for communication. This definitely is something on my future-project list :) I’m especially curious for the DSI because the chip also handles DSP :)
Good luck,


Jun 19 2010 | 1:16 pm

cheers for that man, much appreciated.

after some seaches came across some useful websites which can help link your ds to your computer. unfortunately, the original ds handheld dont allow WPA, but instead uses WEP connection, which is a little annoying, but hey.

here are some links to useful sites with info on connecting.

i will get it to all work, i nearly did but something happened, and i had to reset the router. when i do get something done for it, i will hopefully get some objects made for it to be easier etc


Jun 19 2010 | 8:29 pm

Did a search on the nintendo-site looking for a SDK or toolkit to no results ofcourse :) The use of wep is concerning but ofcourse wpa is hackable too, it just takes a little more time. Maybe the usb-adapter by nintendo offers a little more protection? (just leave the router on wpa and use the usb-connector on your computer for the ds?)

I also found something about routers who are supporting the ds which indicates the existence of non-compatible routers too, for example mine isn’t on the list)

Money is increasingly becoming an issue here but i’ll join you when i can…


A little off-topic but when searching i also came across this.

(like your website :)

Jun 21 2010 | 10:36 am

Found the original site i was talking about.

It seems there’s already a maxpatch present? and the .nds-files appear to be written in C.

Jun 21 2010 | 3:27 pm

thats great man. i am just going to have a look at the pd, see what i can do about making a max patch, unless there is a max patch buried somewhere in the files.

cheers, for the info man. also cheers that you like my website, if that was what you were commenting on :). a stern week of teaching myself flash :).


Jun 21 2010 | 3:28 pm

ah yes, they do have max patches in the source files. fantastic.


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