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qelem, clocks, and timing question

Jul 16 2007 | 9:47 pm

Hello friends,

I am writing an external in which there is a 3rd party callback
function that runs whenever data is received. I want to spit this
data out whenever it comes in, and I don’t have much experience with
this kind of external timing. What is the correct way for me to spit
this data out and still be friends with the Scheduler?

I was considering having the callback put the data in some kind of
buffer, and then reading it out with a clock, but it seems as if I
might run into some sort of buffer issues that way (data comes in
faster than it is read out by the clock function).

This object would function much like the serial object does, I would
imagine. How does that object cope with data transmitted vs. output
by Max via bangs?



Barry Threw
Medial Art and Technology

San Francisco, CA Work: 857-544-3967
IM: captogreadmore (AIM)

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