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question about a patch of particles

Jul 03 2010 | 1:55 am

I copy the patch from the reference of jit.p.shiva. I noticed that it uses "t erase b s" instead of what I normally see in 3D-related patch as "t b erase".
I am quite confused about its sequence. I also don’t know why "s" is there.

Another question: Why are only plane 2, 3, 4 sent to ?

Please help explain. Thank you so much.

Jul 03 2010 | 2:25 pm

An [l] for ‘list’ works just as well! I didn’t know [s] was possible! And it seems it is the only input you’re providing to render in order for your particles to be, well, rendered! Otherwise, with only [t b erase] you would have erase render, bang render, but no draw render..

I hope it helps!

For the second question, plane 0 and 1 are used internally by vishnu and shiva to generate particles so are not for jit.render’s eyes! :)

Copy-paste from jit.p.vishnu help file: "Data emitted by p-shiva is n-plane, float32 or float64, 2 dimensional, x by 2. x represents the total number of particles permitted in any frame. Planes 0 and 1 always represent the particle id and life, respectively."

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