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question unpacked multislider behavior

Mar 19 2010 | 7:14 am


I’m just starting to play with the Max/MSP demo and building some interfaces. I had a question about the multislider output that I was hoping someone more experienced might be able to help me with.

Basically what I am trying to do is have a multislider where each slider sends a different MIDI CC out. To accomplish this I’ve tried the following…

Cable the multislider list out to an ‘unpack’ object with the correct number of sliders specified. Then each outlet from the ‘unpack’ object goes out to a ‘number’ object which in turn is cabled into a ‘message’ object that has the values ($1, MIDI CC#, 1). Finally, this is cabled into a ‘ctlout’ object.

Now the first slider works correctly, but all the other sliders simply send out the last value entered on the first slider. Any of the sliders work if cabled individually, but as soon as I configure more than one it all stops working.

Also, every slider seems to send the first fader’s value even when not connected. I thought that the unpack object separated the values in the list. Is there something I’m missing?

I know this may be a completely dumb and easy question, but I seem to be stumped. I’ve attached my example patch with the first two faders cabled.

Thanks for the help

  1. bad_control.maxpat
Mar 19 2010 | 9:29 am

i’m trying to work on a solution for you, but very busy at mo; you may have to use a bank of single sliders for this; multislider has a slightly different function, and is often used as a display rather than for user input. Look at the help files for the following objects: [table], [mousestate], [change], you might get a solution from these. Sorry not to be more help.

Mar 19 2010 | 9:48 am

hi may day!

as brendan already suggested, the solution is simple:
connect the multislider to three unpack objects (each having three int arguments)
and connect each of these unpacks (from the according outlet) to its own change object
and the change objects go to your message for ctlout.

good luck!

Mar 19 2010 | 9:59 am

Put [change] objects between the [unpack] outlets and the [flonum] objects. [unpack] will send out the contents of the entire list, right to left, even if only one value in the list has changed.

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

Mar 19 2010 | 10:04 am

ah exactly… not even three unpacks needed ;)

Mar 19 2010 | 4:13 pm

Wow… thanks so much for all the help, everyone. I’m going to try to make this work. After two days I’m really enjoying this software even with a limited understanding of it.

One more dumb question… I keep seeing people posting patchers on the forums that I’d like to check out. What do I do with all that (seemingly encrypted) text?

Rally sorry to be so newbish, but I’ve tried searching, and I keep expecting there to be a sticky (or FAQ) to tell me how to download these things.

Thanks again

Mar 19 2010 | 4:15 pm

AHH… never mind… found the right search criteria!

Sorry for the double-post.

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