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Quite annoying bug with bpatcher, pattr and pattrstorage

Dec 21 2010 | 8:10 pm

In some cases, pattr objects aren’t seen by pattrstorage.

Way to reproduce :

1 New patch
2 Make a pattrstorage object
3 Make a bpatcher
4 Load a patch containing some pattr and one abstraction containing one pattr
5 open the pattrstorage client window
6 —> the pattr who is in the abstraction is not seen by pattrstorage (pattr who are in the top level of bpatcher are seen).
7 select the bpatcher obj
8 cmd+i
9 toggle on ’embed Patcher in Parent’
10 toggle off ’embed Patcher in Parent’
11 —> the pattr who is in the abstraction is now seen by pattrstorage

–> Ok, if i save my patch and load it again, everything is seen by pattrstorage, but, if i construct my patch with some scripts, it can’t work.


Dec 21 2010 | 8:37 pm

Thanks – I can reproduce, we’ll have a look at it



Jan 13 2011 | 2:34 pm

In a similar vein, pattrs contained in child objects within an object created using thispatcher will not connect to a pattrstorage object in a parent object. I am fairly confident that this problem was introduced in the most recent update (5.1.7 (44134)), as it has been working on my machine (in a patch which heavily relies on this functionality) for at least a year prior to this update.

I made an example patch. Please unzip to a folder, and run ‘_parent.maxpat’. There are instructions inside.

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