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Midi Note Creator

Nov 21 2013 | 6:02 am


I play guitar and look for a good way to create sight reading material, and maybe there is something more hidden in the depth of M4L getting the machine to get creative in a way.

I guess this idea is not new…

I don´t have much experience in M4L and I have the feel that MAX could probably do it. so Thank you very much for your experience!!! if you like to put me on work. ;-))

The root is that I would like making M4L spit out MIDI Notes, making scales and chords out of note structures, which:

a) Max designs itself
b) the User defines

This could be anything of the common realm (Pentatonics, Modes, Symmetric Scales, Arpeggios, etc), but as well weird random stuff. (keyword: organized chaos)

Later on I would like to implement algorithms to alter the basic material.
A simple example would be the C major triad c-e-g which can occur in its inversions
e-g-c and g-c-e.

and the hole thing should be presented in an appropriate design as well. Maybe its possible to transfer the results into a MIDI File for printing out to play that stuff….

How to build this?


Nov 21 2013 | 7:24 am

Dear Tobias,

Thanks for your kind help and this great book

I ran through the book and did not find anything about how to put those MAX patches results into a score (generating MIDI File, something like that)

Maybe there is a way to do that.

Best regards

Nov 21 2013 | 11:52 am

the most important rule for "how to build this" is, in my experience, build it in small parts.

the same is true when asking for help … how to build a complex project with dozens of features is nothing which could be explained in 3 lines of text.

i could show you how one could do the inversion job, but not the whole thing. plus, if i do, i would take away all your freedom to decide how it is designed. :)

Nov 21 2013 | 12:48 pm

Hey Roman,

very true, what you say. I would not expect writing the whole thing here.
Its just an idea that I myself try to get in shapis kind of arte best programming platform for the (concept etc). My question would be about if this is realize-able so to speak with MAX. I GUESS its the best platform for this.

How complex it might become is clear to me after Tobias wrote this wonderful book link. No question about this…

A concrete question of mine would be how to fix the MIDI Output of MAX in a score, generating a Midi – File for Sibelius etc. As I found there is a lot of potential to generate MIDI Notes, but how to fix them the way they are played in MAX.

I think there is a MIDI out device. How would you sophisticated cats transform that output into a traditional score notation.

Thank you very much for your help here. I learn a lot and the travel goes on.

Best regards

Nov 22 2013 | 5:52 pm

bach library ?

Nov 26 2013 | 4:01 pm

bach cool, too.
I think the seq device is pretty good to start with.

I would love to see a workflow on this. How it is used.
Even if its only quarter note ticks from the metro device that are transormed into a printable score.

Don´t get me wrong, I am actually reading your intended sources, but you know….
I attached a file. How could I see the generated notes and bring them into a pdf file?

The whole thing shall be programmed even more sophisticated to generate random sight reading examples.

Thank you very much

Nov 28 2013 | 6:00 pm

Hi Max,

in the tutorials you have this nice info line at the bottom of the patcher. If you float over a device the function (name) is shown there. Where Can I switch that on in my patcher, where it is painfully missing?


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