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Re: intel recording

Sep 22 2006 | 9:39 am

I am abroad at the moment, I’ll make other tests when I’m back home by the end of the month.
thus I think is enough to reproduce.
to be more precise, I can add that I didn’t try a recording at full size, I observed this
behaviour at 720*288 and 360*288 only.
I guess it looked like ‘open, channels 1, samplerate 44100’ send to a [jit.qt.grab 720 288
@write_audio 1] and then ‘write’.

‘hope that helps.


> Thank you for the report. I cannot reproduce the problem on my Intel
> Mac Mini, however. I would need a clear, concise example patch with a
> numbered list of steps to follow in order to see the behavior you are
> seeing. If you could please put that together for me, I’d be happy to
> pursue the matter further.
> Thanks
> jb
> Am 10.09.2006 um 17:16 schrieb Yacine Sebti:
>> I know I come up quite often these days with a new problem each
>> time…
>> that’s how it goes.
>> this time, I m trying to record movies with jit.qt.grab on an
>> macbook pro 2*2gh with a miniDV pal
>> camera.
>> the files I get are full of drops and once there is one the sound
>> and the image are unsynchronized.
>> my patch worked fine on G4 with max457 jit1.52.
>> I don’t know if it’s a max or a QT error but I m stuck, I want to
>> throw the macbook pro from the
>> window…
>> just a thought :)
>> but for now I m going back to the G4.
>> //yac

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