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Re: Re: softvns on a powerbook – not so great on the 12"…

Mar 03 2007 | 1:20 am

just to answer the second part of your question – not really

at least I found that when I upgraded from a 1Ghz 17" 2gig RAM powerbook to a 15" 1.67 Ghz 2 gig RAM machine there was a SIGNIFICANT increase in performance with both softVNS and Jitter

what was even more important for me was that the newer machine had a graphics card that I could do some nifty openGL stuff on and give my main processor some more room for the VNS stuff etc…

so I would look for a significantly newer machine than the 12" – I think that machine is at least 5 years old or more…


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From: charles
Sent: Friday, March 2, 2007 5:26:07 PM
Subject: [jitter] Re: softvns on a powerbook

well I mailed him with this question and he told me that there is no rule… He says ‘sometimes it runs fine, sometimes not’
So I was hoping some of you guys have been trying it. He told me he is gooing to make an upgrade of SoftVns, but I really don’t feel like waiting… I think I best buy a second hand Powerbook and then, once he released the new ‘Intel’ compatibel version buy me a macbook.

Then my other question, is a powerbook g4 12" 1Mhz, 768 ram strong enough to work with Jitter and SoftVns ?

Now I’m using a PC for Jitter and here I have 2 Gig RAM and a 2.16 Ghz Dualcore… Jitter works GREAT, and I hope it will work just as well on the little Mac I’m thinking of buying.

Thnk you

Mar 04 2007 | 4:37 pm

yeah… good point
+ I think people ask way to much for their second hand computers annyways.

Cheers !

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