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Re: Vowel Synthesis

Feb 24 2006 | 6:26 am


I’ve been catching up on MaxMSP messages (_really catching up). If you
are still pursuing vowel synthesis, I have a patch that might be of
interest, a kind of "vocal synth" that imposes formants on arbitrary
sounds. It includes MIDI control, vibrato, dipthongs and a rough
approximation of some consonantal effects (though I still have to add
filtered noise in specific bands to really get the sounds I want). It
is not, I suspect, particularly useful for real voice synthesis–I
always intended it to a an instrument that could sound like a
voice–but is it a pretty complete patch.

BTW, I used formants documented in Music, Cognition and Computerized
Sound, Perry R. Cook, ed., MIT Press 1999. Three bands of resonant
filters are probably sufficient for spoken voice vowel sounds. Singing
voice adds at least one more band, according to the literature I’ve

— Paul

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