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Re: wireless speakers

Mar 13 2007 | 1:01 am

it happened to me that i’ve been sending back
the order, because
they provided speakers that didn’t support more than 3
pairs at the same time.
So they just told me a bullshit.
I did the installation with wires. No wi-fi.

We did a very hard research ’till septemper 2006,
and nothing was found in commerce about wi-fi speakers, that would
let us have more than 3 at once,
with different freqencies.

Maybe things have changed now.
I’ll check in this week, making a phone call to my technician.

Sorry couldn’t help u.


Il giorno 13/mar/07, alle ore 00:58, ha scritto:

> tommy,
> you wrote this in August
> "i’ve ordered 10 speakers-receiver
> (5 pairs) that receive audio from its transmitters attached to my motu
> outputs, for an installation. good distance, not bluetooth, but radio
> freq .
> im not at home actually, but as soon as im back (monday)
> i can send you the right address where to order online."
> Any chance you still have that information about where to find the
> speaker receiver pairs?
> Much thanks,
> Casey

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