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Reactivision with Max msp

February 7, 2011 | 3:07 am

hey i’m creating a patch max msp that can talk to reactivision and i have already successfully worked out how to achieve the basic identification of fiducials ect. What im wondering is, is it possible to create a more visual kind of patch that works like flash-lets say some numbers are going in different directions across the screen, and i wanted to use those numbers to add up the number in the middle. is this sort of thing achievable in max msp?

February 7, 2011 | 9:24 am


so the answer is yes, you can do it.
From the tuio connection with reactivision you can retrive fid id, x,y,alpha, etc. and with that you can use jitter to draw circles in the x,y, alpha position, and text the id of the fid, or whatever you want to do. you can make some math with the ids, and sum them to an object in the middle, etc. I am doing that to manage sound in MAXMSP and visuals in processing, but you can do the visuals in jitter.


February 7, 2011 | 3:34 pm

Why not use Flash to create the graphics? Good tutorial:

February 9, 2011 | 2:00 pm

hey, im planning on importing graphics from illustrator which you can do. the problem with flash connections to max- its AS3 which is a nightmare im not willing to try it.

February 20, 2011 | 5:40 pm

Go on, get stuck in! ;)

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