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real world max patching environment

Nov 26 2007 | 12:37 am

the theme is resistance coded legos, every object type has a resistance on
the bottom of its brick
and patch cords are resistance coded pair monoblocks with a rubber band
placed a line below and above objects on the grid

it is done on a big snap to prototying board
below the board is a screenprinting squegge esque roller that for atch
updates transmitts per x line found objects via open resistance loop unique
ids that when closed transmit specific locations of objects in the prototye
feild, via scripting this info is updated line per line into a max patch on
the computer screen
the squegee has a trimmer associated with its movement that keeps track of
what line you are updating assumably 128 lines is enough for now
the squeege would need 128 open loops that identify resistance per space on
the grid via copper prongs 1 in one out
each individual object would have a id resistor for the computer’s
recognition and a human interface label of what object is being used, any
objects would be available so longas enough unique resistor values are not
used up, a template of all objects resistance values and named matri with
sizes could be preset in max so that the patching is solely plug and roll
update, no writing necessary, so long as your favorite objects are in the
preset, it seems the only hurdle in finding a device that doesnt mind
picking up 128 resistance values or more that would per line emulate a 128
squared grid of maxdom, this way a physical object is your patch, no
crashing, maybe people would want exchangable boards with unique ids so that
sub patches could be created before one needs to reuse the same boards.
parts would be as cheap as an object being on peice of plastic, one resistor
and some metal connectors the only cost woud be a fatty analog to digital
please help blacksmith out this idea, its not far off

Im always patching in my brain instead of in the computer and I think a real
world interface would help the kinetic programmers
this idea developed out of a record player I just invented that plays
electrafied metal disks with painted pattterns on them with 18 parrellel
pickups to 18 leds

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